Professional services of Technicians and Managers

Coaches, Physical Trainers and Goal Keeper Instructors
The success of a club depends on its sports structure, a good Sports Management, and a qualified and professional technical staff.


MGPSPORTS, is an Spanish company specialized in sports management of football clubs.
MGPSPORTS offers a professional services of technicians (coaches, physical trainers, goalkeeping coaches) and Sports Directors.

All of our professionals are UEFA certified, that allows them to develop their professional careers anywhere in the world.

Our techinicians enhance the technical and tactical characteristics of each of the players, in order to develop in a more efficient and effective way. The higher the quality of each of the players, the greater the quality of the team’s game. This is the basic of the philosophy of the club.


When a club requires our services, we take the following actions. First, we evaluate the current situation of the club; second, based on the evaluation, we make a diagnosis, and finally we present the best solution of the given situation. Every solution is different, because every problem is unique.

In MGPSPORTS we understand that the foundation of a club, the structure from the lower categories, must be construct by professionals with a preparation at the highest level in technical, tactical and physical areas.

UEFA Pro Qualified Profesionals

Our proposal includes the following roles, separately or together, depending on the characteristics of each club.


The Manager is responsible of forming the best competitive group of players according to the given economic resources. He builds the philosophy, sets the goals, and gives all the categories of all what they need to make the best. The manager is the link between the directors and the sports area.


A Coach is a professional specialized in the technical, tactical, and physical areas. His preparation is a key element. He must have knowledge specialized knowledge of all tactical-technical aspects, and a great vision to get the best performance from the team. He must be expert in studying the rivals to neutralize them in the best way.

Goal Keeper Instructor

The goalkeeper is a key player in a team. He must have an excellent preparation, so his instructor must know the exercises and the skills the goal keeper needs to know.

Physical Trainer

He is a professional specialized in the physical area of the players, so they can give their best, and recover from the effort in the best way. He maintains the players in the physical level required.


Scouting is essential. We search and present players with the specific profile requested by the club.

We have representatives in all Spain, making research in all categories and tournaments, following up potential players who can contribute with their quality and experience in in international competitions and clubs.

We also have representatives scouting players in different international tournaments. We are always looking for new talents to introduce in the Spanish clubs.

Why mgpsports?

We have extensive experience and knowledge of the different categories of soccer.

We are soccer passionate and experts. Our professionals prepare players in sports, and in the psychological area. We train athletes and human beings, to obtain maximum performance from them.

Our work does not end with the formalization of the contract of our professionals, we also follow them up, and maintain a continuous and fluid communication with the clubs. We are always ready to help in any request.

Our target, the success of the clubs

Our goal, is the success of each club.

Our professionals apply our methodology combining their work with the traditions of each country where we offer our services, achieving an ideal balance.

We export experience and knowledge to all countries in the world; we make a solid contribution to make a successful clubs and professionals.

Our professionalism adds value to the club, making better the best.

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